Rare Print and secondary market art should be carefully chosen. Examine each print for color quality and paper condition. To protect your investment, prints should be mint condition and preferably never framed or exposed to direct sunlight. If framed, notice the matting. If the beveled edge of the mats have turned to a cream or burnished color, the art has not been framed with archival materials. Alert! Buyer beware! Exposure to mats that are not acid free could compromise the art and diminish the value. Make sure a UV protective glass has been used on the piece you are considering. This glass will filter out about 98% of the harmful light rays that will fade your art. While you won’t be able to tell if the backing board inside the framed art is archival material without removing the dust cover, if you run your hand across the back. If you feel waves beneath the backing paper, cardboard was more than likely inserted as backing board. Walk away. Ask questions of your framer and know what to look for. Buy a piece of art because you love it. However, don’t overlook the investment potential.