The Gold Standard in Art…and Motherhood

P Buckley Moss pictured with her five children when they were very young.
For the artist, Pat Moss, there is nothing more satisfying than to share her artwork with people, young and old. Original artwork is something to behold…vivid, textured, and so rich!  But wait a minute!

Printing from original artwork opens so many people’s lives to the beauty of art.  But understand that there is a huge difference between that TJ Maxx-made-in-china artwork that sells for $175 marked down to $99.  I am talking about real, high-end, Limited Edition, artwork.  For an artist, any artist, in fact, this is how they are taken seriously. How else can so many people enjoy their art?  Enter the Giclee.

Worldwide, the undisputed gold standard in fine art printing is giclee printing. It has an incredibly vivid feeling that can take the artwork to another realm. This art has a flawless process that is just one of many reasons that art collectors around the world hold these pieces in such high esteem.

This week let’s take a look at a few of our favorites under Fresh Inspirations.

January 17, 2019