About the Canada Goose Gallery

You enter the world of P. Buckley Moss art when you enter the Canada Goose Gallery in Waynesville, Ohio. Our inventory ranges from everything currently available by Moss, to an enormous collection of rare print editions not found in most galleries. The gallery inventory of rare prints, at issue price, is outstanding and we are very well stocked on all the new editions of giclee prints as well. Etchings, original watercolors, Porcelain plates, figurines, ornaments, pins and plaques as well as gift items and Moss Jewelry fill Canada Goose Gallery. Have you had the pleasure of assembling one of the new Moss jigsaw puzzles or entertained wearing one of the P. Buckley Moss aprons? Need a gift that will be meaningful to your friends and family and one that will escalate in value? Ask for our help choosing your next P. Buckley Moss collectible. Custom framing is key to preserving your art and Canada Goose Gallery will help you make selections from their vast samples of mats and moldings. If you can’t visit the gallery, be sure to visit our website and chose your favorites. We ship.

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