Man’s Best Friend

Solmate socks are the bests socks ever. Made from recycled unused cotom remnants so they are planet friendly, warm in Winter, cool in Summer.


I always thought that Man’s Best Friend was his dog, but today I am rethinking that assumption.

I had a woman call and re-order three pairs of Soulmate socks this morning.
“Laura,” she said to me. “I cannot believe it, but since I gave one of the pairs of those socks to my husband at Christmas he is always wearing them. In fact, yesterday he went into my daughters room and started looking through her laundry.
“Don’t you have a pair of those socks mom gave us for Christmas?” he asked.
“Yes,” my daughter said.
“Since you are not wearing them, I want them,” he said.
“No!” my daughter said. “It’s summer Dad and I want to keep them so I can wear them when it colder.”
“Come on,” I could hear him pleading. “I really like them and you have two pairs you are not wearing.”
My customer started laughing.
“Laura, I have never known my husband to take interest in the laundry, ever! So send me three pairs of those socks today!”
I asked her to please to send me some pictures! A man and his socks, this is something I gotta see……

Solmate Socks: Knee, Ankle & Crew Socks


Welcoming Summer

The Shades of Blue…


The Color: Lakeshore Blue

Where to Use It: No matter where you live, nothing is as inviting as a cool body of water on a summer day.

Get the same feeling in your living areas by immersing the room in this cool shade.

For a dramatic effect, use the color on upholstered pieces, drapery panels, and accessories.

Home-decor-limited edition-prints-pbuckleymoss-art-blue


I think that no matter where you place a shade of blue,

it just has a way of bringing out the freshness of the space.

And I love how the blue softens the black too! 


Playful walls are most inviting!

Blue skies and blue seas–they make us long for summer

and the laughter that most often is included with it!


A gallery in a child’s room is an amazing way to teach and share

that is not  burdened with digital dings and pings.

Children today need to glance over at art and see that

not everything need have a thumbs up in appreciation.


Enjoy the Shades of Blue in Our Lakeshore Blue Collection of Limited Edition Prints