Our Gallery in the Time of COVID

  • All of us are navigating the process of living, working, and shopping during a pandemic.
  • Once our Gallery is opened, we will require everyone to wear a mask when they enter and we will be sure to stock extra just in case!  
  • We are disinfecting all surfaces and will be vigilant in doing so throughout the day to keep all safe.
  • Our staff will be wearing masks and gloves for your safety.
  • Our layout may adjust a bit to ensure that people have room to hope while keeping a save 6-foot social distance.
  • We will get through this together and we look forward to seeing you!

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Are you sure you’re comfortable buying from garage sales and unknown sellers on ebay? Here’s some food for thought and why you should be very cautious when buying limited edition artwork from a source other than a certified P Buckley Moss Gallery

When you buy P Buckley Moss art you are buying a limited edition art print 99% of the time. P Buckley Moss limited edition art is more valuable than art printed in volume quantities by unknown artists. If you are making a Moss purchase, you want to know that your purchase will hold its value and perhaps become a print that is sought after and increases in value. Do you know if what you are buying at garage and yard sales has real value? Are the colors original or have they faded? Are the mats over the artwork acid-free and archival? Is there UV Protectant glass on the framed piece and is there tape on the print or has it been cut or dry mounted before being put in that frame? If you are not sure of all of these points don’t consider making a purchase without professional advice. When you buy from our collections, we guarantee mint condition prints, never framed or exposed to harmful light and if the print has been framed we always use UV Glass and don’t ever tape the print to the matting. We always use archival backing boards but often find pieces that have been framed elsewhere fall short of recommended conservation practices. We find some limited edition art prints are even backed with acidic cardboard. Nothing damages paper like the acids in products that are not approved for preservation. The print you are paying for may one day be the most valuable print released by American artist P Buckley Moss. Wouldn’t it be devastating to find out that what you paid for was a faded, damaged piece that you could not re-sell for the escalated current value? Here is the golden rule to follow: The value of art is determined by the quality of the care. Consult a professional for advice.


Where are you located?

Our gallery is located in Waynesville, Ohio, a small village in southwest Ohio which was part of the early settlement of the state of Ohio. Waynesville was on the accommodation line which was a route the stagecoaches took when traveling across the country to destinations in the west. The “Stagecoach Stop” is still standing today and is owned by individuals and used as a private residence.

Our merchant area was started with one person’s idea of opening an antique store on a corner of Main Street. That idea was followed by three others which lead to all four corners in the main intersection having a retail stores. Stores carrying different merchandise started popping up along the street and today there are four blocks of retail shops, restaurants and two Bed and Breakfast establishments maintaining businesses in the original buildings from the 1800’s. A number of stores have also developed on sides streets as well. It’s an interesting walk through our business district as you walk between store fronts and it’s a true step-back-in-time experience as you observe the different window displays and historic buildings.

Is there parking close by?

We have on the street parking only in our quaint little village of Waynesville.

Where is the nearest parking garage?

Nothing that resembles big city living like a parking garage will be available in our little village. However, we make up for the lack of big city entities with charm and our Step-back-in-time atmosphere.

What are your hours?

Canada Goose Gallery is open every day except Mondays.

Tuesday-Friday 10:30am-5:00pm

Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm

Sunday 1:00pm-5:00pm

Is the Gallery available for private event rentals?

Yes, give us a call. 513-897-4348

Can the Gallery appraise my artwork or artifacts?

We consider ourselves experts in the works of American artist, P Buckley Moss. Her art is the reason we opened our gallery, and although we appreciate all forms of art and collectables we are not experts in the works of other artists and are not qualified to give an official appraisal any art.

I’m an artist. Can I send you information about my work?

At this time, we have not completed a plan for incorporating other artists’ works into our inventory. In the future we may have an opportunity for artists to list their art with us for exposure on our website. We do have four street faire art events each year in Waynesville, June-September, where artists are invited to set up and show their art for sale to the public. Consider signing up for booth space. Laura: Check the links on the WMA website!

I have an idea for an exhibition. Can I send it to you?

We are always open to sharing new experiences with our clients. Please forward details about your ideas and a proposal for any art events you might have in mind. Thanks for considering partnering with Canada Goose Gallery.

Are large bags permitted on site?

We do not have objections to your bringing large bags into our gallery, but realize that having to watch after such items could be cumbersome while you are browsing and enjoying our art displays and inventory. We would be glad to store your purchases and large bags behind our desk for your convenience.

Is the Gallery handicap accessible?

Our gallery is located in an one hundred year old building, as are all the shops and businesses in Waynesville.  Canada Goose Gallery is not handicap accessible. There is one step into the building.  If there is something we can do to help make your visit to town and our gallery possible, please call ahead and we will make sure your needs are met.

Are mobile devices permitted in the gallery?    

We all feel more comfortable when we have our mobile devices close at hand. You are always welcome to keep your devices with you and we have WiFi for your convenience should you be in need of that service.

Can I bring a backpack or diaper bag into the Gallery?

We are happy to make your visit with us relaxing and worry free. Bring what you need with you and let us provide help in storing your belongings in a safe place while you enjoy your visit unencumbered.

Are strollers allowed?

While we do not have a lot of space for rolling strollers through our gallery, we are willing to make room for you to park your stroller inside so your child is safe.


What kind of works will I find at the Gallery?

Our artwork exhibit is an extensive collection of American artist, P Buckley Moss. Pat Moss. You will find rural scenes and outstanding landscapes. Pat paints amazing florals, birds and animal images and has painted university and college buildings on request and many of the historical buildings in the areas of her gallery family and where she has planned shows throughout the country.

 Is there a collection list available for view?

Our website is a virtual inventory and a walk through of our gallery location. We have tried to make your visit to our site an easy and rewarding experience. You will have an alphabetical, pictorial progression of our inventory, a very responsive search button and gift guides with at least 46 different art categories to personalize your visit. We have identified different categories of printed art, porcelain art and original art so you can quickly browse each medium to narrow down your choices. There are certainly art pieces we will be temporarily out of or do not have included in our inventory, but we can always make arrangements for special orders or search our secondary market sources for any rare piece that you have not been able to find. We have the largest inventory in the country of Moss works and are considered the secondary market source for her work. We are always available to assist you via phone or email so do not hesitate to contact us.

How can I find out more about the artist?

Visit our “Artist Page” at www.canadagoosegallery.com

Is sketching allowed in the Gallery?

We would welcome your visit to town and your visit to our gallery. We have artists that visit now and then to set up easels along the sidewalk area for the purpose of spending the day sketching and painting. Call us and let’s talk about setting up in our gallery, so our visitors can experience an artist at work.

Is photography permitted in the Gallery?

You are always welcome to visit our gallery and capture your most memorable, collectable pieces through photography. Please share your photos so we can post them to our site for others to enjoy.

Are service animals permitted in the galleries?

We understand the need for service animals and are animal lovers ourselves. Your service animals are always welcome.

How may I request a digital image of a work in the Gallery’s collection?

We have most images of prints and flat art in our gallery computer and would be happy to provide a digital image in short notice. If you are asking for an image of a framed piece we will respond with a timeline as to when you can expect digital images.

Any tips for developing a great art collection?

Talk with us about what you personally like and your thoughts on the reasoning behind your collection. Are you interested in a well-rounded collection for display purposes; one that you will be purchasing for your own enjoyment and filled with items that exemplifies your personal taste or are you asking advice to grow a collect for investment purposes? Let’s talk. We are always willing to give information in order for you to plan your purchases.


Do you offer any activities for children?

We host a variety of activities throughout the year for families and children. Please check out website and Facebook Events page, or subscribe to our newsletter for up to date details. We always welcome your suggestions on what you would like us to organize to introduce children to art and grow their appreciation for real art.

Can I bring snacks for my children? 

Children are better satisfied in our environment if they are comfortable. By all means, bring snacks that your child enjoys but please respect the surroundings. If your child is comfortable enough with our gallery, we can clear a place where they can be comfortable snacking while you are in plain sight and can communicate with them. During warm weather, we have benches in front of our gallery where you might want to take your child for some attention while they snack, feel respected and considered.  Then both of you are welcome to return to the gallery and all can be part of the process of choosing and enjoying art once refreshed. After all, everyone needs breaks no matter the age.

Can my family write or sketch in the Gallery?

We welcome your visit and are interested in how you would use the space to become enlightened within our gallery surroundings. Please feel comfortable using our space as a learning center to introduce your friends and family to art created by American artist P Buckley Moss. In an age where art has been eliminated from schools we are always happy to see parents take the initiative to provide their children with an introduction to art and how it can improve life.



How do I search for artworks, subjects, or titles?

We have a very responsive search button on all pages of our website. Type in a key word or title and make a choice from the index of art listed. If you do not find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to use our contact form for help.
How do I know if an item is available?

We strive to have every print available in our physical inventory at the gallery that is currently visible on our website. Use our contact us page to contact us if you would like to communicate before placing an order.

How do I know when new items are available?

Check our “What’s New” page to check for newly released works of art. Subscribe to our
newsletter for up to date details on new items


Call Us: 513-897-4348

Email Us: laura@canadagoosegallery.com

Payment Options

We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover & American Express.

Lay-a-way program: Available for anyone interested in making regular payments on specific art from our gallery collection.

Order Cancellations

While we understand that changes sometimes happen, we go about placing an order for your requests and placing orders necessary for keeping our inventory up to date for all visitors. If we already have the piece you have ordered in the gallery and your order requires shipping, we immediately start the shipping process of packaging and sending that purchase on to you. We ask that your committed when placing an order but if it becomes necessary to cancel your order, we understand. How we go forward with the cancelation would be determined where we are in the process so each case will be determined on an individual basis.

Do I need to set up an account to place an order?

You do not need to set up an account before making a purchase through our gallery but we urge you to be included in our customer registry.  We can keep you informed of the happenings and offers we make available to our clients plus we will track your purchases so if you want to add to your collection or want to know which piece you may have purchased for a friend, we will have a record on hand to help with questions.

How do I redeem a gift card for online orders?

Can I view the artwork in person prior to purchase?

Anything listed on our website is available to be seen in person at our Waynesville, Ohio gallery. On occasion, we may have sold out of an image and our replacement may not have been received in time for your planned visit. If you are coming to see a specific art piece you are welcome to call ahead and have us hold a piece for a planned inspection.

What are Society points?  How do I become a member?

The Moss Society is a membership organization that focuses on assisting charities and fostering an appreciation of the art of Pat Moss. The Moss Society membership program offers exclusive members’ only benefits including annual prints only available to members as well as porcelain brooches and silver and gold beads. Together with local chapters the society has been directly responsible for raising over $2,000,000 for charity.

Fill out and online application for membership at www.pbuckleymosssociety.com or ask our gallery for assistance in becoming a member.

As a benefit of Moss Society membership, reward points are earned with each purchase made through participating galleries. When a reward plateau is reached, a certificate will be issued to be used toward your next gallery or online purchase of P Buckley Moss merchandise.

What payments options do you accept?

Visa, Master Charge, Discover, American Express, checks or cash

Can I cancel my order?

Cancellations would be handled on an individual basis and you would need to talk with us about how to go forward. Call us at 513-897-4348

When will my credit card be billed?

If the item you have requested is immediately available in our gallery your credit card will be billed immediately. Should we need to order the item or items you request, your card will be billed when you pick up the items in our gallery or when your order is ready to be shipped.

How do I find a specific item from your search?

Our search button is very effective. Search by the title of any piece by P

Buckley Moss art. If the print or item is on our site, it should come up or give you choices to explore. There are rare and sold out editions that we may be able to find for you so if you need further assistance on something you are not readily able to find on our site do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form. If you would like to talk with us, you will reach a real person or leave a message and we will certainly get back with you. Please call. We are the voice of experience when it comes to P Buckley Moss art and we look forward to guiding you through the process of purchasing any specific piece of her art.

Does the image on your site accurately represent what I will be sent?

We have posted images that are available to us. Some images of older works are not as clear and appear fuzzy, but we are in the process of fixing those images to better represent the art. Some images on our site are black and white versions of color images and we are also working to replace those images with good quality images. If you are interested or have questions about any specific image and want to speak with us about your questions or concerns, we are always available to assist.  We have tried to post an accurate description of each art piece as well. We all make mistakes, but feel our information is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Call with questions and we can confirm information on any piece on our site.

How accurate are the item dimensions listed on your web site?

All of the dimensions listed on our site should be very accurate. We have listed image sizes for lithographs as well as paper sizes. Giclee images are listed with image sizes only as they are often printed one at a time and the actual paper size may vary. Original watercolors are listed with image sizes. The value of a watercolor is determined in part by the brush strokes and how far they extend horizontally and vertically per each piece. The blank paper space is not really a consideration or an importance.

How do I know if a particular piece of art is signed by the artist?

If it is a signed and numbered edition prior to being published in mid 1984 the piece of art has a hand signed Moss on the image. After mid 1984 going forward prints were signed by a matrix of the P Buckley Moss signature.  If you would like a hand signature we are often able to get any piece that is still available for sale ordered in with a Moss hand signature. Please allow several weeks lead time for any request of additional signatures. All Moss original works, Remarques and Etchings are hand signed by Moss.

If I order a piece online, how can I get the artist to sign it?

If your choice of art is a piece that is currently available and the edition has not been sold out, we would be able to get a Moss hand signature on the art. Please allow at least three weeks but we will be glad to call and be more accurate as to Pat’s availability to sign your choice. We often attend Moss shows at her locations in Virginia and see Pat a few times throughout the year. We would be glad to take any piece with us for signature. Again, call to make arrangements in advance of when you need your art choices in your possession.


Do you ship internationally?

While we have not been asked to ship internationally very often, if you are interested in having us work through the details of internationally, please contact us by emailing through our contact form or calling 513-897-4348.

Do I need to sign for my package upon delivery?

You do not have to sign for our shipments but this should be addressed with UPS or post office. You can set the delivery of postal and UPS deliveries to suit your guidelines.

Do you offer expedited or same day delivery?

We can often send shipments other than normal delivery. Please call and let us know your needs. We will do everything possible to suit your needs.

How is shipping insurance calculated?

As a rule, we insure every package for the value of the contents.

Do I pay tax on out-of-state purchases?

You do not pay tax on any out-of-state purchase. You will pay sales tax if you are a resident of Ohio.

What type of packaging do you use?

We choose packaging that suits the shipment. All flat art, except for oversized art, will be shipped flat between layers of cardboard and taped securely. Oversized art (40” x 60”) will be rolled in a tube. Shipments with multiple prints shipped together are packed between cardboard and sent inside boxes. Framed pieces of art are packed in purchased, double-walled cardboard boxes with a combination of bubble-wrapped and cardboard protected packaging on the inside. We then fill the box with appropriate packing material to fill the space.

When will my art arrive?

Arrival of your package will depend on when the order is placed and the package is shipped. If you provide your email address, we will list your email when we ship via UPS and you will receive an email from them stating tracking address and the expected date of delivery. If you need an item shipped to you the same or next day as your order, we can usually have your purchase shipped directly from the Moss distribution center. This can only happen if the item you request is not a sold-out edition and provided the distribution center doesn’t have to print the image. (In the case of a giclee print). Most orders will be shipped within a three-day period. Talk with us about your options for shipping arrangements that meet your needs.

How do I track my order?

If you provide your email address with your order, we can list your email information with UPS at the time of listing your shipment. They will send you an email that contains information about your package and your tracking information will be included in this email. If by some chance, you do not receive the UPS email, feel free to call us and we will provide you with a tracking number.

How much will shipping costs be?

Through our shopping cart, we have entered a standard shipping cost of $15. In most cases, shipping costs exceed this set amount. We want you to know that we appreciate your business and want to show our appreciation by helping you with the high costs of shipping. Framed pieces will be charged the flat rate of shipping costs through the cart but as stated on each framed piece, extra shipping costs will be figured per each item as the costs for shipping framed pieces vary with size and weight of the item as well as the cost of the purchased box. In any case, you are charge actual shipping costs or less than our costs for the service.

Can I combine multiple items into one shipment to lower shipping costs?

Add as many prints to your order as you like. Shipping costs are figured through our shopping cart on a flat rate of $15. On orders through our shopping cart we are glad to pay the additional costs so your larger package of art arrives safely. In the case of your ordering a single ornament or some small item that will fit in a US Postal flat price box, we will charge accordingly but you will need to call the galley to make arrangements instead of ordering with our cart. 513-897-4348

What happens if only a portion of order is available for immediate Shipment?

This can be discussed on an individual basis. All circumstances are different and will be handled according to each client’s need.

What should I do if I receive a damaged item?

Call us immediately. 513-897-4348. The shipper will require inspection of the package and all the contents so please keep all packings that came with your item. The shipped will need to pick up the damaged item from you. We will file the claim and get back to you with details. If possible, we will send you a duplicate item immediately before your claim is settled and provided the item you purchased item is immediately available.

Can I ship to a PO Box?

UPS does not deliver to a PO Box but we can make arrangements to send your item via US Postal Service.


Do you offer framing in the Gallery?

We do offer framing in our gallery. We have a large variety of frame mouldings and matting options for you to choose from. We can advise or just frame to your specifications. We unconditionally support conservation techniques and supplies for the preservation of your art. If it is worth framing, it is worth preserving.

Why should I frame my art?

Choose a frame and we guarantee you’ll love your image even more.

Here’s why.

Selection: Our assortment of top-quality frames includes the most popular design trends and styles, allowing you to fully customize your art.

Personal touch: Each piece is truly custom made, regardless of whether it is selected from our designer assortment or created by you in the Frame Studio.

Quick turnaround: All of our mats and mouldings are normally readily available and the turnaround time is usually not more than three weeks even if a part of the supply list is on back order to us. Let us know if you require rush services.

Quality materials: Our frames are handcrafted, mostly in the U.S., from the finest quality materials to preserve your art for years to come.

Frames: We stock over 100 beautiful varieties to choose from.

Mats: Our acid-free mats are made to protect your print for years to come. Alpha-cellulose conservation mats, for example, are 100% lignin-free and treated to last for well over 100 years.

Glazing: We offer any available glazing option, including glass and acrylic selections for outstanding optical clarity and a lightweight impact resistance. Choose the glazing option that suits your needs. We recommend always considering UV glass for the most protection for your art but we can provide a non-glare glass option that is much improved over the non-glare glass options of the past.

How long does it take to frame my order?

Time considerations will depend on the availability of framing supplies and how many orders we have ahead of your order. We try our best to meet deadlines we have promised.

What if I don’t like the finished frame, can I replace it?

We don’t want you to just live with your art, we want you to love your art. If we have agreed on a framing plan for your art and you truly do not like the finished product, we will gladly start over and make sure of your satisfaction. Please be sure of your choices if we are shipping your finished framed piece.

Is framing refundable?

We have never been faced with a situation where we are asked to refund framing costs. Refunds would be determined on a case by case basis. If you are not happy with your choices we will work through the changes and hopefully you will be happy with your art as an end result.

Do you also frame art pieces not purchases in the Gallery?

We are happy to frame art purchased elsewhere and are available to work with you on choices for any piece of art.


What is your return policy on art purchases?

While we are rarely asked to take back any purchase, a buyer must contact our gallery within 7 days of purchase to let us know there is an issue. We do not accept returns or give refunds on any art or gift items but we will offer an exchange on your purchase if the item is retuned to us in the same mint condition it was when it left our gallery. Purchaser will be allowed 30 days in which to return any item purchased and complete an exchange. All expenses that might incur in the return process is the responsibility of the buyer.

What is your return policy on framing? 

All returns would need to take place within one week of purchase. We require advanced notice by phone letting us know what issues you might have with any framed piece you have purchased from our gallery. Our aim is for you to love what you have us frame or any framed art you may have purchased from our wall display.  We would like the opportunity to discuss what changes might be made to make you love your art piece. Ultimately, we want you to be satisfied and will work toward that end. We want Canada Goose Gallery to be your Go-To place for all your art and framing needs and together we will make sure you are satisfied.


How do I buy a Gift Certificate?

Beautiful gift cards can be purchased through our gallery either online or by giving us a call. (513-897-4348) We can normally ship a gift card through the mail to you or the recipient of your gift the same day as any order.

Do you have eGift Certificates?

How do I check my balance?

If you have a Lay-A-Way with us, you can call for your balance at any time. You can also request an invoice through our “Contact Us” page by sending us an email request.


How do I earn points?

Society members earn points through our gallery with every purchase. We take care of the paperwork and send your purchase information to the P Buckley Moss Society. They will send you a gift certificate that you are welcome to use on a Moss purchase through our gallery. Expiration dates are followed so redeem in a timely manner.

What is the Society?

Pat was asked for many years to start a society for the collectors of her art. She was never willing to be involved until the idea was proposed of using the funds collected from membership dues for helping others. To date over $2,000,000 has been raised with the donation of Pat’s art for helping both children and adults with medical and educational needs.

Join the P Buckley Moss Society and receive special benefits as a reward to your membership. You receive a porcelain broach, a small black and white image and an opportunity to purchase that years’ members only print with each renewal.



Art Print

An art print is any copy of an original piece of art produced by an artist. The reproduction may be in the form of different process such as etching, photographic reproduction, digital printing or through transfers.

Limited Edition Prints

Limited editions of art prints are those prints that have been published in a pre-determined number of identical prints.  Each print is numbered with its edition number and becomes that print specified number within the edition. The numbers appear 1/25, 2/25 etc. If the print edition is being held to 25 prints, the bottom number used in the assigning process indicates the total number being printed in this edition and the top number indicates the number that art print is in regards to the total edition.

Framed Art Prints

Framing a piece of art is the preferred way of displaying flat art and in some cases three dimensional forms of art as well. The use of archival methods and archival framing supplies is a perfect way of preserving art and displaying art so you can enjoy and protect the art you love.

Canvas Prints

Moss canvas images are produced using a giclee printer with canvas as the recipient of tiny dots of color applied to canvas as opposed to some type of paper.

Giclee Prints

A giclee print is an art image produced with the aid of a printer, guided by a digital file and the depositing of millions of tiny dots of ink on watercolor paper. This printing process results in a more brilliant array of colors, more durable images less affected by light and images that explode off the paper.

Signed Prints

Most all the images produced by P Buckley Moss are in the form of signed and numbered editions. Each print image is assigned a specific number of the edition and the prints are signed by the artist. Today, Pat’s editions are signed using a matrix of her own had script and are approved by her.


The making of an etching edition is a hands-on process involving the artist and an etching assistant who performs the printing mechanics.  The etching process begins with the artist choosing the plate size and dressing the plate with a lacquer ground.  The artist then scratches away the lacquer ground with etching tools, creating the reverse image on the plate.  Once the design has been completed, the plate is inked with the first color, placed face down on watercolor paper and rolled through the press.  The image is pressed into the paper one color at a time with the plate being cleaned between colors and new colors added to the plate in the next sequence. This process is continued until all colors have been added and the image is complete.  Etching editions typically take a year or more to produce depending on the complexity of design and the number of colors involved. Most P Buckley Moss etchings are in editions of 99 and the entire edition is completed before any of the images from the editione are offered for sale. The watercolor paper gives the artwork a soft quality and texture with a blending of colors throughout the finished image. Etchings are considered original prints in that the art is produced from the plate created by the artist’s own hand.

Ornament Art

Ornaments are very thin porcelain discs to which different P Buckley Moss images have been applied and fired. Most are in the form of a circle but a few designs have varied shapes. Early on, the ornaments were designed to be an elegant Christmas decorative item displayed or hung on the tree. Now, there are numerous ornaments that fit being displaying all year long. They make fabulously intricate additions to your décor. Frame them or display them on tiny easels. Great to give as gifts or to add to your collection of art pieces.

Art Quilts

When P Buckley Moss visits our gallery each October, we have some kind of fund raising effort. Often that fund raising includes having a quilted throw with a P Buckley designed center that has been hand made by a member and donated to the Society for the purpose of raising funds for a special need. Quilts are often auctioned at an event during Pat’s visit or through raffle efforts.