Having original and limited edition art in the home is vital to your well-being. Art is a key piece of furniture for many reasons and yet it is sometimes put on the back burner in comparison to other home décor items. This list is dedicated to the understanding of importance of art from perspectives of interior design, well-being, social atmosphere, creating a mood in the home, and more. One quote that stands out about the importance of original art is the following,

“You would never put fake books on your bookshelf, so why would you put fake art on your walls?”

For all of the following reasons, you can find the perfect work for your home or office on our online here.

1. Art Creates Mood

Brain scans have revealed that looking at works of art trigger a surge of dopamine into the same area of the brain that registers desire, pleasure, and romantic love (https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/what-the-wild-things-are/201109/love-desire-and-art). Romantic, sublime landscapes provoke contemplation of nature and purity. Such works then create a mood of peace and are good for relaxation rooms such as the bedroom.

2. Art Adds Personal Character to the Home

Image: Our Strength and Beauty

We all love to express ourselves, be it through clothing, accessories, social media – the list goes on! Art in the home is a perfect way to express your artistic and aesthetic interests in a way different from most, since original and limited edition artwork is unique and handcrafted.

3. Art Makes Memories

Buying real art is an experience. For whatever reason, you were drawn to a specific piece (or multiple). You may have seen it at a show opening, had a nice trip to the ice cream shop beforehand. Whatever happened leading up to/during/after the purchase of a meaningful original work will be remembered every time you see it. This will not happen with a poster from Ikea.

4. Art Provides a Color Palette

When rooms have a lot of colors, or many shades of the same color, it can be hard to figure out how to tie everything together. A work of art is a beautiful, meaningful way to tie everything together and create a general focal point.

5. Art Makes a Room Feel Finished

Image: Reflections of the Soul (Large)

When walls are empty, a room does not necessarily look bad, but by no means does it look finished. Rooms with empty walls are functional rooms in a house. Rooms with art work are the most comfortable rooms in a home.

 6. Art Inspires and Fosters Creativity

This one is simple – in rooms with no art, artistic expression is lacking and therefore the need and want for creativity is not very prominent. On the opposite end of the spectrum, handcrafted art fosters creativity, expression, artistic inspiration. This is particularly important in homes with children as being surrounded by artwork will allow creative thinking. This idea is expanded on in reason 11.

7. Art Is a Conversation Starter

Image: Suncatcher (Medium)

As mentioned in reason 2, hanging art in your home is a way of expressing oneself. That being said, guests will always be curious about the choice of artwork, the story, have questions about the artist, etc. It is a way to show off your art collection while having passionate conversations with house guests no matter what room in the house you happen to be in!

8. Buying Art Supports Art Education

One of the most important things about buying original and limited edition artwork is that you are supporting art education in a world that has forgotten how important it is to our lives. Each time you have a look at a work in your home, it provides a feel-good emotion that filters in all areas of your life. Supporting art and art education is just another wonderful way of expressing our values.

9. Original and Limited Edition Art is an Investment

Building off of reason 8, not only does owning valuable artwork in the home allow you to support arts education, but when purchasing original or limited edition art from a known artist there is an investment value. These artworks can be passed down through family and friends, be shared with loved ones for many years all while increasing in worth. This is never something that will be achieved with a mass produced “Made in Taiwan” piece bought from the furniture store.

10. Art Creates a Livable Environment

Inviting European-style kitchen illuminated by a wall of windows. Room is comfortably cluttered with papers stacked on a side table and several bottles and packages on the table. Fashionably distressed brick walls, painted white, give the room a rough, rustic feel.   Image: Shimmering in the Depths

Art can make rooms that are not necessarily “home-y” to become comfortable working and living environments. A kitchen, for example, can transform from a place of hurried preparation to one of relaxation and productivity all the with addition of a valuable art piece. Attached is an article explaining how artwork in office spaces improves employee productivity.  Art in the office

11. Art Keeps the Brain Active

Art is very conceptual, artists use it as a medium to express personal thought, political or social issues, and to make us as viewers think. Some people do quizzes or crossword puzzles to keep their brain active, but another way to do so is to own original artwork in the home, to just sit, look, and think. For more benefits of art read this.

12. Art is Relaxing

In a busy, fast-paced world that demands speed and productivity, home should be a place of relaxation. Coming home from a busy dat at work to sit on your couch and stare at a TV or a blank wall is not as recharging or relaxing as enjoying an artwork purchased with the means to create a positive mood. Not to mention how we feel when caring for little children. Art offers a way for them to see the world and for us to be inspired.  Image: Alone in Thought (Large)  

13. Curating Your Own Art Gallery is Fun!

Last but certainly not least, curating a gallery is fun! Attending show openings, going to galleries, chatting with artists’ even, it is a fun experience! After a while you will start to notice a theme, in subject matter, color, concept, etc. Playing with moods, composition, placement in the home, of all these reasons why to have art in the home, let’s not forget the fact that it is simply something fun to do. So go ahead, fill your life (and home with art!)

Nursery Rhyme

Who Is American Artist, P Buckley Moss

The Artist P. Buckley Moss has a unique perspective of the world.  One of the things most fascinating about her (and there are many things) is her remarkable memory for details. If you ask her what inspires her to paint she will tell you that the world is rich with details. I have been to her studios through out the years and have seen first hand the sketches on paper, tissues, napkins, envelopes….tiny pieces of visual notes to be expanded upon when she finds herself alone with only brush and canvas.

On my first visit to one of Pat’s painting studios, I was in aw of just how much artwork I saw there. There was artwork everywhere! I saw stacks of paintings piled high on her tables and cabinets in no particular order, several paintings at the ready on her drawing table and I gasped when I saw how many were just laying on the floor. The day I visited, she even had a large painting under a see-through mat on the floor. I was considering each drawing or watercolor a treasured piece of artwork to be protected while Pat seemed to have to spread them all out to get a feel for what would inspire her next. Propped against the windows were paintings in upright position in different stages of completion; large pieces and small pieces positioned so she could glance their way and envision how to finish what she had started.  When asked, “Which piece do you work on next?”, she answered, “I rarely know when I walk in my studio each morning what I will work on. I look around me at all the unfinished paintings and I know when one calls me, that will be the painting I work on that day”.

The Earth at Rest print by P Buckley Moss

“The Earth at Rest” takes me back to my younger years, as I loved to be able to visit my grandparents farm.  It seems that my grandfather always included me in whatever he was doing.

Erith Shoup, my grandfather, loved to farm, and would take us little ones with him while he was out doing what he did best and even along with him while he was hunting for our Thanksgiving meal.

The most memorial time for “The Earth of Rest” was after the winter months where he planned for his spring planting.  He not only planned for his fields, but also his many garden beds, which would be full of flowers and vegetables in the spring and summer.  He loved to be out in his God’s world, working with the land, but also bringing joy to the people who would stop at his “The Gardens” to purchase flower plants, fresh flowers bouquets, along with the many vegetables he also grew.

Fall was the time to ready the earth for its rest.  Grandfather taught me that we must take time to rest after working, but to also reflect on the care of mother earth, and to enjoy what God’s hands have provided for each of us.

As I grew, my grandfather always shared what he was doing and the why, and this alone has helped me love the farm and its life.  I loved by grandfather and am so thankful for his love and his love for the earth and what he taught me.

Farming of yesterday was, and farming of today is still the mainstay of life as we knew it.  The farmers today, may have ease of larger equipment to use,  but the work and the hours are still the same. Up early each morning, and to bed late many nights as it takes many famers to grow not only the food for our country but also the world.

My husband and I have many farm families as friends, and they,  in turn are passing their love of Mother Earth to their children for the future generations, just as my grandfather did for me.

I have been extremely blessed to live on my husbands farm, and to have worked beside him, with the sheep, cattle and hogs that we raised in the past, along with working beside him with the various crops that were raised.  We still enjoy the fruits of our labors as we still grow a small plot of vegetables each spring to enjoy during the summer and into fall.  While, “The Earth is at Rest”, we rest, waiting for the spring to again bring the seasons of life to life again.  Earth at Rest (Small)  The Earth at Rest (Medium)

The Beacon by Beth-Art by P Buckley Moss

The Beacon


Several years ago I had the opportunity to travel the east coast of Lake Michigan. I was the solo driver with my three young children as my only passengers. As a family, we had been going through some tough times. And often, I found myself being the lone parent left to raise these three trusting little humans. This trip was truly a God send to me. For in it, I found my inner strength through mighty towers that hold the beacon of light.   Throughout our travel, I witnessed some of the most breathtaking scenes nature has to offer. Many that are still etched in my memory. And, it was during this trip I became addicted to lighthouses. I found myself mesmerized by these beacons of light that stood at the end of a pier or on land surrounded by huge sharp boulders. Even though I knew they were inanimate objects, questions to them ran through my mind as I stood there gazing at them in wonder… How many lives have you saved because they heeded your warning? How many lives have been lost due to the sharp rocks that lay at your base? How do you withstand the continuous pounding of the waves during storms, and especially in winter, when the water is ice cold and the wind has its chilling bite? How did they build you and who built you? And, do you get lonely standing out there by yourself? It was as though I heard The Beacon whisper an answer to me through the mist of the water as the waves lapped against one of its mighty foundations. “Just as I, the Beacon, stand here alone during the storms, you, too, at times will stand alone being a beacon of light — the beacon of hope for that one lost soul needing to know that someone cares. You might be that only smile they see that puts light in their eyes. This is for what you were made. This is your job. This is your purpose — to share the light. Though the waves may come crashing down upon you, your Maker made you strong to withstand the storms. Your Maker made you strong enough to endure the loneliness. Your Maker made you to shine His light and be kind and forgiving and to always love. Sometimes your light might be the only light that can be seen in the midst of the storm. And, it might be very dim. But, it is there. You have been built on a strong rock that will not let you fall. Have faith in your Maker, as I have in mine.” Silly as it sounds, The Beacon’s words gave me strength to help endure many of the hardships that have come my way in life… both as a single parent and in a career. But this message from The Beacon is not only true for me, it is true for this Great America. For as this world is going through some very strong storms of change, chaos and sadly, much hate, I see our Great America as the Beacon of Light to this world. So many come to this great nation filled with hopes and dreams. We are the beacon of hope for humans all over the world desiring to live in freedom… to prosper… to live in dignity. As these storm waves of hate and chaos are crashing down upon this great nation and trying to destroy the foundation on which it stands, it is imperative that we know and understand the principles on which our nation’s forefathers built it. And, let us not forget those whose lives have been lost protecting our nation’s foundation from being withered away from the continuing crashing waves of destruction. We are the Great America… but to stay great, our foundation must stay strong.