The Earth at Rest print by P Buckley Moss

“The Earth at Rest” takes me back to my younger years, as I loved to be able to visit my grandparents farm.  It seems that my grandfather always included me in whatever he was doing.

Erith Shoup, my grandfather, loved to farm, and would take us little ones with him while he was out doing what he did best and even along with him while he was hunting for our Thanksgiving meal.

The most memorial time for “The Earth of Rest” was after the winter months where he planned for his spring planting.  He not only planned for his fields, but also his many garden beds, which would be full of flowers and vegetables in the spring and summer.  He loved to be out in his God’s world, working with the land, but also bringing joy to the people who would stop at his “The Gardens” to purchase flower plants, fresh flowers bouquets, along with the many vegetables he also grew.

Fall was the time to ready the earth for its rest.  Grandfather taught me that we must take time to rest after working, but to also reflect on the care of mother earth, and to enjoy what God’s hands have provided for each of us.

As I grew, my grandfather always shared what he was doing and the why, and this alone has helped me love the farm and its life.  I loved by grandfather and am so thankful for his love and his love for the earth and what he taught me.

Farming of yesterday was, and farming of today is still the mainstay of life as we knew it.  The farmers today, may have ease of larger equipment to use,  but the work and the hours are still the same. Up early each morning, and to bed late many nights as it takes many famers to grow not only the food for our country but also the world.

My husband and I have many farm families as friends, and they,  in turn are passing their love of Mother Earth to their children for the future generations, just as my grandfather did for me.

I have been extremely blessed to live on my husbands farm, and to have worked beside him, with the sheep, cattle and hogs that we raised in the past, along with working beside him with the various crops that were raised.  We still enjoy the fruits of our labors as we still grow a small plot of vegetables each spring to enjoy during the summer and into fall.  While, “The Earth is at Rest”, we rest, waiting for the spring to again bring the seasons of life to life again.  Earth at Rest (Small)  The Earth at Rest (Medium)

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