P Buckley Moss ~ Unique Perspective of the world

The Artist P. Buckley Moss has a unique perspective of the world.  One of the things most fascinating about her (and there are many things) is her remarkable memory for details. If you ask her what inspires her to paint she will tell you that the world is rich with details. I have been to her studios through out the years and seen first hand the sketches on paper, tissues, napkins, envelopes….tiny pieces of visual notes to be expanded upon when she finds herself alone with only brush and canvas.

At her recent Barn Show, Pat and I talked about her print, The Barnstormer. Far too young to remember the days when these planes flew around the country, Pat said that over the summer she wanted to be reminded of all the summer vacations gone by, the memories of days long ago, and the vacations that she took with her once small children.  “I thought the essay contest would be a fun way to inspire dinner conversations!” she said.  I think that it is important to try to figure out how to bring these wonderful conversations back into our now, digital life.


The Importance of Art and Telling Stories
I suppose that we should start by just telling more stories.  Somewhere I read that kids today are going to return to the days of caveman drawings with all their dependency on emojis.  Now I love a good smiley face as much as anybody, but one of the things I totally agree with Pat on is the “good old dinner-time history lesson-story.”  Thinking about my grandchildren and trying to figure out ways to get them to be inspired by art and perhaps write out a story for me.  I was wondering what you think about “summer memories and children who speak with smiley faces.”

I have a friend who was telling me that almost every night at her dinner table growing up there would be stacks of Encyclopedias brought out to help bolster some story or event going on that day. I thought that it was quite amusing to think about those large heavy books being passed around over plates of spaghetti (yes, my friend is Italian and not only did they discuss history with dinner, but they got to eat pasta every night too!)

This same friend sent me an essay that I must share. It is about the print, Humpback Rock, and I just loved how one image transported her into some childhood memories that were the highlight of her summers.  It got me thinking about my grandchildren and trying to figure out ways to get them to be inspired by art and perhaps write out a story for me.  I was wondering what you all were thinking about summer memories and children who speak with smiley faces.  Read the essay:   Read a great post

Is there hope?  If you have found a secret to telling stories at dinner, then please share it with me.



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