Les Chevaux: Rare P Buckley Moss Art Print

“Les Chevaux”


Les Chevaux is a rare/sold out, limited edition print that was issued in 1984 depicting five horses in a typical Moss landscape.  Translated from the French, Les Chevaux, literally means “The Horses.”  Horses have been the partners of mankind since the earliest of times, even before spoken language as evidenced by the paintings in caves at Chauvet and also those at Lascaux.  The paintings at Chauvin-Pont-d’Arcy Cave in the Ardèche in the southern part of France are around 30,000 years old and those at Lascaux (France) are approximately 16,000 years old.

The five horses are painted with a wonderful technique that lends itself to art transparency.  The background is laid down first and the horses are then painted on the surface.  This transparency indicates that the horses have a connection to the earth and a spiritual presence and power in a visual symbolic way.  This is not a realistic representation of the horse, but rather a very stylized, modernist version.  The horses are composed from fluid line work and liquid color, both characteristics of Moss’ imagery.

The landscape behind the horses play an equally important part in the image as it is created from Moss’ classic Z-shaped brushstrokes that are used to create multiple horizon lines.  The use of the “Grand-Z” as it is known, is used to make it difficult to tell where earth and sky separate, and at points become one, creating a harmony within the landscape.

Les Chevaux, P. Buckley Moss. Issued in 1984

Image Size: 16 x 22-1/4 ins. Paper Size: 18 x 24-1/2 ins.   Edition: 1,000 and 25 artist’s proofs  RARE PRINT