What is P Buckley Moss Limited Edition Art?

Limited edition prints have been standard in printmaking since the nineteenth century. Today, limited editions can be found in a series of as many as 2 or 1000. Limited Editions should be distinguished from the original; they should be carefully produced directly from the original work and printed under the artist’s supervision. Depending on the issue and the dealer, often Limited Edition prints will include a Certificate of Authenticity, either signed by the artist or the dealer.

For the purpose of this post, we’ll be speaking with reference to signed and numbered, limited edition prints published by American artist, P Buckley Moss. Given today’s publication, smaller editions of her work are more common. Where once Moss edition sizes were almost always set at one thousand prints with twenty-five signed and numbered artist proofs, most limited editions printed today by Moss are more in the range of two hundred and fifty signed and numbered prints with twenty-five signed and numbered artist proofs. Some editions will print as high as five hundred signed and numbered prints and 25 signed and numbered proofs per edition but this is not the norm.