The Suncatcher: P Buckley Moss Limited Edition Print




The painting, Suncatcher, hung in the artist’s Waynesboro, Virginia home for many years. The home, a renovated apple packing barn, has for many years been the location of quarterly signings by the artist at her residence. The original watercolor is a very large painting, but when printed in 2010 was printed in three sizes as a giclée.


As with most Moss art, Suncatcher is replete with symbolism.  The golden landscape defined by the “Grand-Z” the z-shaped brushstrokes that are part of Moss’ trademark style, create multiple horizon lines.  Parts of the paper are left without pigment, referred to as negative space, is used to create the light within the image.  The golden hues are symbolic of spiritual wealth or abundance.  The church visible on the far horizon is a symbol of faith; the barn is a symbol of a traditional lifestyle and indicates the human element that is simply insinuated by the presence of the buildings. 

Issued in 2010. Giclée on paper.

The Suncatcher giclee is available in three sizes.
Small:  Image Size: 18 x 12 inches
Medium:  Image Size: 36 x 24 inches
Large:  Image Size: 60 x 39-7/8 inches

For additional information about this print and other horses by P Buckley Moss, please follow this link.


P Buckley Moss Still Life Watercolors

Painted by the artist’s own hand, this P Buckley Mos Original is a watercolor which, when purchased, can be named by the new owner and registered with the P Buckley Moss Portfolio.

Even today, the still life is not an image that Moss paints routinely and one with fruit is even more unusual.  This very Picasso-esque original demonstrates the influence of the modern masters on this very contemporary artist.  The flat geometric shapes that make up both the fruit and fruit bowl are very typical of Cubist imagery which used geometric forms to create images of natural shapes and planes.  Cubism was created by artists such as Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque in the early 20th century and remains an influence on many artists today.


Using a muted color pallet, Moss creates a subtle image defined by shapes and lines.  This very small original watercolor is a true miniature; a tiny treasure for any collection.

Untitled – Still life with Fruit     Original Watercolor    P Buckley Moss