Our Lay-A-Way-Plan


Sometimes you find a piece of art on our site or in our gallery you just don’t want to miss or do without. We have you covered! Think about our Lay-A-Way plan.

How do I secure the artwork I want to buy ?

The answer is simple. You don’t have to pay for art choices all at once! Choose our Canada Goose Gallery  Lay-A-Way plan. With a down payment,  and regular payments, the art you love will be secured and available when you need it. Put as many art pieces as you like in Lay-A-Way. Throughout the year, you are welcome to have a revolving account; decide on the prints to be purchased, make a down payment, make regular payments going forward and before you know it your artwork will be ready to pick up and take home or we’ll ship.

Thinking ahead…

You may want to consider a Lay-A-Lay plan for gifts as well. Set up the account by calling the gallery, (513-897-4348), make a down payment, choose your art and with regular payments you’ll have your purchases paid for painlessly!

What a great feeling to be ahead of the shopping game for every holiday or occasion! Art makes fabulous gifts! Shop ahead, start your lay-a-way and have more time for entertaining, parties and other planned events with your shopping taken care of. Call us to discuss your needs. (513-897-4348)  We are always ready and willing to help.

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