How Do I Choose A P Buckley Moss Print?

The question of how to choose a print typically does not come up in regards to the work of P Buckley Moss. In our gallery inventory, we house over 2100 different pieces of Moss art, which encompasses every category of her work. Individual collectors are simply drawn to the subject matter that “grabs” them—and this should be your guide as well. Usually, the feeling evoked from Moss works is so strong, one knows after a short time of browsing our gallery what they are drawn to. Some people love the signature geese and others find the cat images attract them the most. Other potential collectors love her signature trees; a dance in calligraphy to behold. Still others love the simplicity of the rural scenes with familiar barns and landscapes. The choice is yours. Possibilities are endless when putting together a grouping or choosing a stand along piece for any room or any space.

During the selection process, pick something you like first and foremost. Don’t worry about how well it will rank on the secondary market after the edition is sold out, if it is selling out quickly or if it is viewed and loved the same by others as it is by you. If you have a connection to the art piece, if it “speaks” to you and you can picture it in your home then that is the print you should choose. If the art gives you peace and you know you will enjoy it every day, then choose that print to add to your collection. Have your art professionally framed to protect your investment.

As with all art purchases, you should speak with the professionals at the gallery with questions you might have concerning the images you choose. Ask questions about the paper, the numbering and by all means, let us talk with you about framing techniques recommended for the preservation of your art piece. Please don’t pay a good price for a piece of collectible art then go unarmed to a “frame shop” and trust their process of framing without knowing the right questions to ask. A good gallery wants to build relationships with their clients for the long term. Their passion for the art will match the enthusiasm you feel toward your new art choice. Your expectations of the experience must be fulfilled as you are guided through the process of choosing art for your home.

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