Holiday Lay-A-Way

It’s time to plan for the Holidays!

What could be better than to give a gift that continues to give long after the wrapping is tossed in the trash, the decorations are put away and the holidays are a fond memory?

Why Not Consider A Gift Of Art.

Art is something that can become a family heirloom and a welcome reminder of family events; an art piece representing your pet, past experiences, your children or a special location or place you have visited.  Show your loved ones how much you value their home and interests by choosing a piece that enriches their life.

The Value Of Art As A Gift

While there are a few printed editions of P Buckley Moss art that are not limited editions, most art editions have a set number in the edition and when the entire edition of prints has been sold, the image will not be printed again. Finding the image you have your heart set on can become a challenge. Often times, prices of prints whose editions have become sold out are only found on the secondary market and are often sold over the original retail price.

So how do I secure the artwork I want for all the friends and family I want to buy for and pay for it all at one time?

The answer is simple. You don’t have to pay for it all at once! Secure the art you want by holding your choices in Lay-A-Way at Canada Goose Gallery. With a 25% down payment we will hold your purchases so the art you choose will be secured and available when you need it. Put as many pieces in Lay-A-Way as you like. Throughout the year, you are welcome to have a revolving account; decide on the prints to be purchased, make a down payment, make regular payments going forward and before you know it the artwork will be ready for you to pick up and take home.


Now, as we head into the Holiday Season, you may want to consider a Lay-A-Lay plan for gifts as well. Set up the account, pay 25% down, pay off your selections by December 16th and you will receive a Holiday Cash Card to use toward some special purchase in the month of January 2018! Better get started shopping!

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