Cotton Candy

Nine Mennonite Girls limited edition print is a piece released by the artist in the mid 1970's. Very early work and hard to find in mint condition.

Nine Mennonite Girls – Artist Proof

Image Size: 19-1/2 x 15-1/2 ins. Paper Size: 10 x 16 ins.

Frederick In-Spir-Ation

Image Size: 9-7/16 x 21 ins.

P Buckley Moss celebrates the…

Katelyn’s Bear

IS: 5-7/8 x 1-7/8 ins. PS: 9-3/8 x 5-3/8 ins.

Virginia Wedding

Image Size: 12 x 11 ins. Paper Size: 17 x 16 ins.

My Little Sweetie

Image Size: 4-13/16 x 3-7/8 ins.

Waiting For Dad

1987 Rare print, sold out edition, not normally found in other…

My Sailboat

1997 Rare Print. Sold out edition not often found in other galleries.…

Touch Of Blue

Image Size: 8-1/2 x 9 ins. Paper Size: 10-1/2 x 11 ins.


Rare Print - Sold out edition not found in most galleries.


Our Soccer Star

Image Size: 6-7/8 x 8-1/2 ins. Paper Size: 10-3/8 x 12 ins.

Calvary – Etching

Signed and numbered, limited edition etching by American artist P Buckley Moss at Canada Goose Gallery in Waynesville, Ohio. Small edition of 99 etchings.

Little Lambs

Issued in 1990
Image Size: 11 x 15-1/4 ins. Paper Size: 13 x…


2000 Rare Print. Sold out edition not often found in other galleries.…
Golden Retriever from the dog collection by P Buckley Moss captures her love of painting realistic dogs and animals by the artist. Colors of tan, rust, gray and rose.

Golden Retriever


Swing Easy

Image Size: 7-3/16 x 12-3/8 ins. Paper Size: 9-3/16 x 14-3/8…

Our Strength and Beauty – Large

The Glance limited edition print on paper by P Buckley Moss features a BoHo influenced cat in colors of burnt orange, muted yellow and shades of orange and peach.

The Glance


The Glance captures the humor of artist, P. Buckley…


Image Size: 8-3/4 x 5-1/16 ins. Paper Size: 10-3/4 x 7-1/16 …
Wise Spirit limited edition print on canvas by P Buckley Moss features the neck and head of a white horse with a colorful background of peach, blues and grays.

Wise Spirit – Small



Pensive Moments

Image Size: 13-1/2 x 6-15/16 ins. Paper Size: 15-1/2 x 9 ins…

Wishing Tree

Signed and numbered, limited edition art print by American artist P Buckley Moss at Canada Goose Gallery in Waynesville, Ohio.

Schnauzer limited edition print by artist P Buckley Moss features the breed in grays, tan and black with a background of peach, aqua and tangerine.



Indomitable Spirit

Image Size: 6-5/8 x 5-3/16 ins. Paper Size: 8-5/8 x 7-3/16 ins.


Pink Kite

Image Size: 21-3/4 x 11-1/4 ins. Paper Size: 23-3/4 x 13-1/4…

Nature’s Gift

Image Size: 11 x 17-3/4 ins.

Mother’s Joy

Issued in 1990

Image Size: 8 x 8 ins. Paper Size: 13 x 13…
Three baby lambs standing in a field yet hoping for some attention and love from someone.

Gifts of Spring

Image Size: 6-11/16 x 7 ins.

Jack-O-Lantern II

Image Size: 6-3/16 x 4-3/8 ins.

It is believed that the custom…

Still Life In Red

Image Size: 6-1/2 x 8 ins.

Hitching a Ride – Artist Proof

Image Size: 8-3/8 x 11-3/4 ins. Paper Size: 14 x 14 ins.

Colors of Fall

Image Size: 10-3/4 x 11-3/4 ins.

Golden Dome

Image Size: 8-5/8 x 9-1/2 ins. Paper Size: 12-1/8 x 13 ins.


Black Beauty


Madonna of the Rose

Image Size: 7-3/4 x 9-3/8 ins. Paper Size: 11-1/4 x 12-7/8 ins.


Black Vase


The earth laughs in flowers." — Ralph Waldo Emerson
Art, Artist, P Buckley Moss, Canada Goose Gallery, Waynesville, Ohio, Limited Edition, Print, Home Décor, Decorating,

Earth at Rest, The – Medium

Medium: IS: 11-5/8 x 22-1/4 ins.


Issued in 1989

Image Size: 8 x 8-1/4 ins. Paper Size: 13 x…
Goldie is a limited edition giclee print on canvas by P Buckley Moss. Enjoy the texture. Very colorful background with pops of orange and rose to compliment the rust colors of the horse.



Twilight Mist

Image Size: 4-7/8 x 7 ins. Paper Size: 6-7/8 x 9 ins.

Brown Bear

1985 Rare print. Signed and numbered, limited edition print,…


Image Size: 4-3/4 x 4-3/4 ins.

Nutcracker – Small

Limited edition print by American artist P Buckley Moss at Canada Goose Gallery in Waynesville, Ohio.

University Of Tennessee

Image Size: 8-1/2 x 22-3/4 ins. Paper Size: 12 x 26-1/4 ins



Small: $500, Image Size: 15 x 26-1/8 ins.


Image Size: 4-3/4 x 5-7/8 ins. Paper Size: 8-1/4 x 9-3/8 ins…

Joyous Bouquet

Image Size: 7-17/32 x 4-5/32 ins.

Story City Carousel

Image Size: 10-5/8 x 11-3/8 ins. Paper Size: 12-5/8 x 13-3/8…

Nature’s Ovation

Giclee on paper
Image Size: 11-1/2 x 8 ins.

Brilliant Plumage

"Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and…

Home on the Range

Giclee on paper
Image Size: 8-1/4 x 5 ins.

Mountain Lake

Image Size: 10-1/2 x 14-3/8 ins.

Mountain Lake Resort in Pembroke,…

Wedding Belles

Image Size: 12-1/2 x 20-1/2 ins. ins. Paper Size: 14-1/2 x 22-1/2…
Our Strength and Beauty limited edition giclee print by P Buckley Moss features an American Eagle in flight with full wing span. Multicolored background of soft aqua, peach pink and white.

Cotton Candy Home Decor

Our Strength and Beauty
Misunderstood limited edition print by P Buckley Moss features a raccoon curiously viewing the world. Colors or warm orange background with hits of teal with gray and white animal.


Image Size: 6-3/4 x 7 ins.

Though previously thought to be…

Of the Valley

Image Size: 10-5/16 x 12-11/16 ins. Paper Size: 12-5/16 x 14-11/16…

Summer Splendor

Image Size: 7-1/2 x 7-1/2 ins. Paper Size: 11 x 11 ins.

Vows at St Mary’s

Image Size: 10-7/8 x 7-7/8 ins. Paper Size: 12-7/8 x 9-7/8 i…

Scouts Forever – Artist Proof


Seasons of Love Autumn


Country House

1987 Rare print. Signed and numbered, limited edition print, mint condition, original color. Never framed or exposed to harmful light.

Alone on the Slope

Giclee on paper
Image Size: 6-7/16 x 4-1/4 ins.

Dawn’s Early Light

Image Size: 7-1/4 x 11-1/4 ins. Paper Size: 10-3/4 x 14-3/4 ins.

Lover’s Ride


Lover's Ride is one of the members only series of prints Pat releases once each year. This print is from 1998.

Birds of a Feather – Medium


Congregation of small birds gathering on a branch with twigs. Beautiful background colors of coral will make this addition to your home decor bring your space alive and give it that finishing touch you are looking for.
Easter Surprise is a limited edition print by P Buckley Moss featuring a large white bunny with a giant colored Easter Egg he is delivering.

Easter Surprise



Glory Days

Image Size: 7 1/2 x 6 15/16

Maidens Three

Image Size: 7-3/8 x 7-3/4 ins. Paper Size: 12-3/8 x 12-3/4 i…

School Time

Image Size: 15-3/8 x 6-5/8 ins. Paper Size: 17-3/8 x 8-5/8 i…
Soaring is a limited edition print by P Buckley Moss with beautiful white birds flying across and electric sky or peace, soft aqua. Iconic Moss bare tree in the foreground

Soaring – Artist Proof


Commemorative print for anyone attending the 30th Anniversary Dinner at the P Buckley Moss Barn in 2017. This print is only available now as an artist proof. Available at Canada Goose Gallery.

Precious Country Bear

Image Size: 6-11/16 x 6-7/8 ins. Paper Size: 8-11/16 x 8-7/8…

By His Wounds


Family Love

Image Size: 11-3/4 x 13 ins. Paper Size: 16-3/4 x 18 ins.


Image Size: 6-1/2 x 6-5/8 ins. Paper Size: 11-1/2 x 11-5/8 i…

Lambs, Lambs, Lambs

Image Size: 9-1/2 x 6-1/16 ins. Paper Size: 11-1/2 x 8-1/16 …

French Quarter – Large

Large: Image Size: 16-1/4 x 16-1/4 ins. Paper Size: 19-1/4 x…
Mother Earth limited edition print features the mother of all things wonderful in the garden in the woods. Small and large birds, owl and a tiny frog hoping to be noticed.

Mother Earth


Mother Earth in a garden of small creatures. Birds, owl, butterfly and a tiny frog struggling for a position where he might be noticed.

Mother’s Day Bouquet

Image Size: 4-15/16 x 2-15/16 inches. Paper Size: 7-1/2 x…

Summer Hearts

1987 Rare print, sold out edition, not normally found in other…

Autumn Morn

Image Size: 2-11/16 x 8-7/8 ins. Paper Size: 4-11/16 x 10-7/8…

Floral Elegance

Image Size: 10 x 8 ins., unstretched.

Story Time With Brother

Image Size: 5-1/4 x 5 ins.

Story Time With Sister

Image Size: 5-1/4 x 5 ins.

Fluorescent Floral

"Flowers can't solve all problems, but they're a great start." — Unknown
Thomas Point Light limited edition print by P Buckley Moss features a Annapolis, Maryland historic lighthouse with vivid colors of coral in the evening sky and shades of aqua for the water and the outline of the circular image. Reds and white with accents of black, brown and gray make up the lighthouse.

Thomas Point Light – Maryland


Autumn In Long Grove

1989 Rare print. Signed and numbered, limited edition print,…
Spirit of Freedom is a limited edition print by P Buckley Moss with colorful pastel background of turquoise, lemon yellows and corals. Stately horse ih shades of tans and browns.

Spirit Of Freedom


Captive Treasure

Image Size: 7-13/16 x 7-1/2 ins.


Image Size: 2 1/4 x 5 1/4 ins.


Image Size:4-3/8 x 4-1/4 ins. Paper Size: 8 x 8 ins.

Rainy Day Through the Window


"Somedays, I am the flower. Somedays, I am the rain." — Pavana