Solmate Socks and Accessories

From the Solmate Company: Our Materials Textile manufacturing produces 10% of the world’s CO2 and 100 million tons of trash each year. Thus we pride ourselves on using recycled fibers in every product we produce, having a zero-waste policy when it comes to production and making sure those practices cross over to our office life. As a Certified B Corporation™, we are proud to be part of a global movement of businesses working together for a positive change. We’re leading the innovation required to deliver on the highest standards of performance and our promise to protect the planet.


Solmate Sunny Crew Sock features colors of gold, aqua, magenta, pink pale green.

Solmate Crew Socks

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Discontinued Solmate Crew Socks (Limited Sizes)

Solmate Adult Crew Socks

Solmate Fusion Slouch Socks

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Solmate Performance Ankle Socks

Dad Gift Set - Ornament & Solmate Crew Sock

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Solmate Lovebug Baby Socks in pink, white, light purple, light pink.

Solmate Kids and Baby Socks

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Solmate Baby Socks

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Solmate Kids Socks

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Bright #5 Solmate Thinking Cap

Bright #5 Solmate Thinking Cap

Solmate Thinking Caps

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Solmate Original Skinny 3-1/2" x 57" Scarf

Solmate 5-1/2" x 75" Scarf

Solmate 11" x 66" Scarf

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